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Frank Havlichek


I guess I would have to say my Journey started when I was about 12 years old. I threw a stone through a stained glass window and I had to cut grass for those people for a year to pay for it. Little did I know it would become my passion.

I started out taking Stained Glass classes with Cathy Coverley. Her classes covered everything, in the more advanced classes I was introduced to hot glass, that’s when I realized there was more to this craft than lead, and I was hooked.

I’m intrigued by the different ways you can communicate through Art Glass. Color is of course one way, but there is also textures and light, you can have something that looks one way with the sun coming through it and completely different when it’s not. Art Glass has been a fascinating journey for me, I’m constantly learning something new and still, there’s so much I don’t know and want to find out.

Name : Frank Havlichek

Email : Contact Frank

Glass Medium/Mediums : Stained Glass, Cast, & Fused

Commissions Undertaken : Yes