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Jo Ann Pastori

As a child, I was always looking for a space with water, greenery and a sweet fragrance. Since I grew up near San Francisco I found more asphalt than fields, yet in contrast found, beauty in the cities dramatic structures.

I like to think my art reflects hope, faith, joy, nature and love in a broken world. Looking into stained glass windows always transported me to a land of color, patterns and peace. It made me feel like I was in a field of diamonds.

I studied Anthropology and Archaeology and fell into what I call a “What If perspective”. What if our soul, our light, our values could be translated into glass. My larger sculptures, such as “Gods Eye” and jewelry pendant “There’s an Alien in my Purse” are strong examples of that perspective.

My greatest hope is that my future works will continue to show the connection between nature and the passions of being human.

Name : Jo Ann Pastori

Studio Name : A Hot Glass Act

Website :

Email : Contact Jo Ann

Glass Medium/Mediums : Fused

Commissions Undertaken Yes