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Chris Stell


I have been involved in art since childhood. Growing up with artists in the family I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil. I never stopped. Over the years I experimented with multiple mediums including illustration, copper enameling, silk screening, macramé, weaving, pottery, stained glass, metals and beaded jewelry.

I attended San Diego State where I received a BA in advertising art in 1976. As a graphic designer and Art Director I worked and owned graphic design businesses. My beginnings in graphics were before computer graphics were introduced and I love the capabilities it has introduced.

In 1999 I started experimenting with glass. With a foundation in illustration I found a way to put unique graphics on glass. I started with acid etch and a brush and evolved into high speed engraving equipment. My creations are all one of a kind, hand drawn and frequently my jewelry pieces are reversible or convertible from bracelet to necklace.

I have created pen and ink illustrations that manufactures can etch for glass artist and some that are unfired etched pieces. The most popular being Stell Doodle for Profusion and various gear and steampunk patterns for CBS (Coatings by Sandberg glass manufacturer).

It’s been a wonderful artistic journey so far, I can’t wait to see where technology, imagination, tools and experimention will take me in the future.

Name : Chris Stell

Studio Name : Chris Stell Creative Arts

Visit Me At Spanish Village Art Center Studio #25 & #9

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Glass Medium/Mediums : Fused Glass – specializing in dichroic glass etching

Commissions Undertaken : Yes

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