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Linda Indalecio

Linda grew up in San Diego with a passion for Art and a love for all things glass. After leaving a career in Corporate America in late 2009, she began experimenting with recycled glass in a friend’s ceramic studio. Where the Internet and experimentation became her teacher.  Later, moving on to Art Glass and becoming a member of the Art Glass Guild in Spanish Village where she began showing and selling her work. Much of her work requires the glass to be layered in several firings; using the intense heat of the kiln to allow the glass to flow, making each piece unique. Linda enjoys experimenting with different techniques and is always finding new ways to challenge herself.

“I find the magical qualities of glass plays with our perceptions and creates a wonderful sense of depth, when the color is fired in layers. My favorite things to create are bowls or vessels, because they are functional art that can be used for gatherings with family and friends, and enjoyed for more than visual presentation.”

Linda J Indalecio


Name : Linda Indalecio

Studio Name: LJ Glass Designs


Email: Contact Linda

Glass Medium/Mediums: Fused & Cast Glass

Commissions Undertaken: YES