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Kathy Ruez


Many California artists are transported from other planets. I am no exception. Transported from the planet of Wisconsin, I’ve lived in Southern California for more than 25 years. Having created in wood, graphics, ceramics, and blown glass, I am now working in fused glass. Glass is definitely addicting. The play of light and color is very compelling. I ‘d rather make something than do almost anything else. Thus I’ve been known to say “When I die, nobody is going to say ‘My, she was a wonderful housekeeper.’ ”

My degree in Art is from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. I’ve had some great teachers, some of whom you may recognize. I’ve done a lot of work, learned a lot of things, and have met some vveeerrrry interesting people. My work is in galleries, shows and private collections. I have artwork on just about every continent now. I’ve learned that it’s not what you do, but how you do it, and how you treat people, that counts. The rest is just details.

Atoms on their eternal journey are taking a few moments of their time (decades or centuries to us) to lend substance to my artwork. I view each glass creation I make as an envoy whose purpose is to bring a tiny bit of harmony to the life of someone. My hope is that no matter what the current state of turmoil on the planet, I can contribute a small island of light and color . . . a connectedness to our common hope for beauty in life . . . to each person that gives a home to one of my “offspring”.

Name : Kathy Ruez

Studio Name : Ruez Art

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Glass Medium/Mediums : Fused Glass

Commissions Undertaken : No