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Cornelia Jarst

Born and reared in Hamburg, Germany, living in San Diego since Dec 1999.

After completing “Fachoberschule fuer Gestaltung und Graphik design” (high school with main focus on graphic art and design) combined with a 1-year internship in a graphic design studio, Cornelia felt the urge to stretch her brain and dropped plans to go to a graphic arts college. Instead, she obtained a master degree in mathematics followed by a bachelor degree in computer science.

How did you get into lampworking?

Accidentally: A friend signed up for a 2-day beginner class and dragged me along (Nov 2005). I joined her without really knowing what to expect, although I’d always liked to play with fire. It wasn’t long before the hobby became an addiction, and I converted the garage to a torch working studio.

How would you describe your style?

I don’t think I’m set on any particular style . I just like to play with glass and fire, I like to let the glass flow, swirl, poke, rake, and torture it with whatever I find in the garage and kitchen. I also love to experiment with different flame settings and reactive glass. I easily get bored and simply don’t like making “sets” – I don’t even enjoy looking at them. The beads I combine are mostly compositions of individual focal beads.

Name : Cornelia Jarst

Studio : Alox!


Email : Contact Cornelia

Glass Medium/Mediums : Hot Glass

Commissions Undertaken : No