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Gail Pulkrabek


I’ve lived in sunny California all my life. I was lucky enough to be raised with a canyon as my backyard. Much to my parents chagrin, I was sure that every animal I met in my travels, whether they be furred, feathered or scaled, wanted to come home with me and live in the garden utopia I’d created.

I credit my mother for my inquisitive attitude and devotion to organized chaos. My rampant curiosity has led me to seek knowledge in subjects ranging from Geophysics and Analytical Chemistry to Monarch Butterfly life cycles and how Ground Squirrels communicate. I have always loved the art, as well as the science, in all things and how they inter-connect. I am passionate about nature and knowledge. I want to know everything!

When critical health issues, bone grafts and dozens of surgeries, forced me to change direction in my life, my husband encouraged me to focus on my art and all the things I could still do, not what I couldn’t. It was then I discovered glass bead making and immediately became addicted. Working with molten glass to create glass beads is like going on a treasure hunt every time I crank up the torch. Playing with fire is a bonus.

I still live on a canyon and when I open the barn doors of my studio and start to create, I am visited by squirrels, humming birds and butterflies. (Prompting my friends to insist I lead a Disneyesque life.)


Name : Gail Pulkrabek

Email : Contact Gail

Glass Medium/Mediums : Torch work, Fusing, Wire-wrap, Jewelry Making, Stained Glass, Woodwork, Re-Cycling and combining natural elements into usable art.

Commissions Undertaken Yes