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Glassblowing Classes

Private and Semi-Private

with Kathleen Mitchell

Private and Semi-Private Lessons - $100 per hr (All levels)

Group Workshops - $65 - $95  Maximum of 4-6 students


          Ornaments    $65

          Pumpkins      $85

          Drinking Glasses    $95

Group Workshops are 2 hours long 
Special team-building workshops are 3 hours long

Private and Semi-Private

with John Long

Learn the basics of Glass Blowing.  My individual sessions in private instruction are generally catered to the specific style of Glass Art that the student is interested in.  Sometimes a student just wants to get a taste of the process behind creating beautiful glass art, which is fine.  Other times a student may want to make something very specific, or in a certain style, in which case I will help them to achieve their vision(assuming their "vision" is something that can be realistically made by a beginner).  Beginning and intermediate students are welcome.  Advanced lessons are available as long as the knowledge the student seeks is within the scope of my work.  First lesson always begins with a safety lecture.

All group classes, require proof of vaccination or negative Covid test within 24 hours prior to scheduled class.

You must adhere to all safety protocols upon entering the studio.