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Stained Glass Classes

Stained Glass

with Pam Horn

$100 • 5 hours

Students will make a Sun-Catcher about five inches in size. This class teaches you the basics in Stained Glass; how to handle glass, choose colors and textures, cut and fit the glass to patterns, grind, wrap copper foil, solder, patina and polish a stained glass piece. It is a hands on class taught in my PB Home Studio and normally takes about 5 hours. Bring your creative spirt and have fun, everything you need to complete your project is included!

At the end of the day you will have created your very own one of a kind sun-catcher!

Stained Glass

with Ramona McNamee

No Availability until June 2022

In this class, you will be able to cut, grind, foil wrap, use lead cane, solder, and polish flat pieces of glass into a decorative and creative night-light, star, or abstract panel.  You will finish your stained-glass creation by adding accents of wire and beads to the stars; attaching a light to brighten up your night; or by adding a chain for hanging.  This one-to-one-hands-on class, approximately 5-hours in length and is all inclusive.

Have fun and enjoy!