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ART GLASS GUILD ART SPOT – BRAVEHEART – Our Tribute to Kathleen Mitchell

 BRAVEHEART – Our Tribute to Kathleen Mitchell


Carolyn Moore and Kathleen Mitchell         Photo Credit:  Alane Gray


Meet Kathleen Mitchell one of the bravest souls I know surviving one harrowing accident, struggling to recover and who soared back a stronger woman than before.

It’s been several years since that day of Kathleen’s catastrophic accident at her studio. It wasn’t the glass that cut her; it was a vintage German-made lathe that she was using in her studio.  Kathleen’s beautiful long brown hair unexpectedly became her enemy by being entrenched in the lathe machine detrimental to her skull and scalp.

Fortunately that day, Kathleen’s life was spared to carry on the gift of mentoring and supporting others conquering their lifelong dream. 


                         Kathleen Mitchell                                                  photo credit Alane Gray





Kathleen states:  “Like many other object makers, I am a collector of things, an assembler, an arranger.   The techniques I employ to make my work are fraught with danger.
Molten or sharp: glass and metal
can burn you, cut you, scar you.   The physical aspect of working, the sweat, the dance, the communion with your partner or your team… Its earthy and difficult.   I like that”.





Today, those who know Kathleen recognized she is more optimistic and actively busy in her glass studio as well as becoming involved as an artist and instructor at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego Project Paint . The program provides for those prisoners visual arts and fine crafts workshops, and conducts informative lectures for inmates as rehabilitation.

Project PAINT class at Donovan State Prison; July 2015. | Photo Credit: Peter Merts

Photo Copyright:  Peter Merks    UnionTribune article:

another great read by San Diego City Beat’s-painful-passion.html



Kathleen’s private glassblowing studio is located in the Barrio Logan art district located at Glashaus  Her studio is known as Art-Hell and primarily functions as a studio for her to make her art, as well as a place to teach classes.  Kathleen’s artwork is also found in our Studio/Gallery 25.


Meet Kathleen and 35 other glass artists at the Art Glass Guild Patio Show and Sale on Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9, 2016 from 10:00am to 5:00p daily displaying their artwork for sale in the historic gardens of Spanish Village Art Center located in beautiful Balboa Park.  AGG-Fall Sale._Page_1




We strive to educate our community about the glass arts, and promote our thirty five (35) member-artists and their art to all.

For more information: Visit our website:

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