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IT’s All About ART…Recycle, Repurpose your Wine Bottles


STOP!!!  Before you throw that empty wine bottle into the trash bin, were you aware that bottle can be recycled into a nice piece of art?


Just look at these beautiful wind chimes created by glass artist Jackie Murphy.

Wine bottles can  also  be slumped into stunning cheese trays, soap dishes, spoon rests and party platters.  Imagine your favorite wine bottle upcycled into mugs, glasses, vases, hanging pendant lights,  bird feeders, wall art and décor just follow your imagination.

Mary Jane Bailey created this cute doggie platter from an empty bottle . The bottle was placed in a glass kiln and fired to approximately  1475ºF . We call this process slumping.

Do you remember the wine bottles and the colorful candle drips from the 60’s that were so popular?

Wine bottles come in all different shapes, sizes and hues and those various qualities make them such nifty objects when it comes to upcycling or repurposing.


Amy Sommerville, glass artist etched her wine bottles using her artwork designs.  Check out the wine bottle with the string lights.  Amy also etched designs on the above shot and wine glasses.

Here’s 3 ideas for use with wine bottles

For the chef’s in your kitchen who can’t find their rolling pin……well  pull out that wine bottle.

I love filling my empty wine bottles with jelly bellies or even small round hard shell candies or nuts.

Hide your wine bottles from your spouse then place the bottles in your boots and store in your closet. This will not only keep the bottles out of site but will keep your boots standing upright! (My favorite)



How do you find empty wine bottles?   

Speed dial your neighbors to help empty the bottles at your home, I’m sure they will be knocking at your door in no time.


Let our artists create a custom etched wine glass, beer mug, cheese platter or even a wine chime to give to someone special in your life!

Correction:  I meant Wind Chime  🙂


IT’s All About ART…Recycle, Repurpose your Wine Bottles




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