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ART GLASS GUILD ART SPOT – “If I were a Window I’d rather be Stained Glass”

Jane Huff once said “I figured, rather than hanging curtains I’d use Stained Glass”.


                          Glass Art Designer Gary Mercurio



Artist Pam Horn

Gazing out your windows daily what do you see?

The making of stained-glass windows has hardly changed since the 12th century. A stained-glass window consists of pieces of colored glass held together in a latticed web of lead, canes, or copper foil.

Can you imagine how Stained Glass of exuberant color and design will transform your windows with magnificent beams of lighting at it’s best or your ceiling or table lamps beam beautiful rays of colorful patterns.


Frank Havlichek

   Designer Frank Havlichek

Our artists work is shown in the traditions of the Arts & Crafts Movement. Their work relies more on a strong design than the extensive use of paint. The panel below illustrates the use of slab glass, with uneven texture and stunning colors.



           Glass Art Designer Pam Horn

More home owners are now using Stained Glass as their cabinet dooring instead of natural wood.

You now can find Stained Glass in almost every room of one’s home.  Imagine your bathroom with a stain glass divider or large window pane with the light shadowing thru and broadcasting the suns rays.


                                      Glass Art Designer Gary Mercurio

Frank Havlichek15

Art Panels for Entry, Glass Art Designer Frank Halivchek


Gary Mercurio, Frank Halivchek and Pam Horn are three of the most talented Stained Glass living artists we have in our Gallery/Studio25, stop by and discuss your ideas with these wonderful designers.


We welcome you to enjoy beautiful glass designs by our 35 talented glass artists.



Open Daily 11:00 AM to 4:00PM

Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA 92101

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