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AGASC 2016 Annual Members’ Exhibition

Art Glass Association of Southern California

2016 Annual Members’ Exhibition 


Exhibit Location:   Studio 21, 1770 Village Place, Spanish Village, Balboa Park, San Diego CA 92101
Entry Deadline:   Wednesday, September 21st by Midnight.
Show Dates:   Thursday, September 29th, through Monday, October 10th.
Art Intake:   Tuesday, September 27th 4 to 7PM  Patio is open to drive on at 5:30 PM
Painting and gallery prep:   Tuesday, September 27th at 11AM
Hanging the Show:   Wednesday September 28th
Judging:   Friday, September 30th  Gallery will open after the judges are finished, (usually 12 Noon)
Artist’s Reception:   Saturday, October 1st– 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Pick up and clean up is Monday October 10th  – 3 to 5pm  You may not drive on the patio.
You must be a member to participate in this show.
All entries will be required to sit for the show for one day and
Volunteer for one spot to help with the production of the show.
A sign-up sheet will be sent out in July. Feel free to call me with questions
Or to let me know what you world like to volunteer for.
I am looking forward to organizing the show again this year and seeing all 
The amazing art you are producing.
Gayle Tunney Richardson, Show Chair
To file on-line click here:   Online 2016 Show Application
To file an application manually click here:  2016 Annual Show Rules and Application

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